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June 24, 2008                                                                                                                     

Audubon assists UC Berkeley in an Historical Zoological Survey: The Grinnell Resurvey Project along the Whitney Transect

Teams of Ornithologists, Herpetologists, and Mammalogists fan across the Kern River Valley to compare results with 100 year old surveys

Weldon, CA

The Grinnell resurvey project is an effort to document changes in wildlife distribution and habits in the 100 years since Joseph Grinnell, co-founder of UC Berkeley's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology first surveyed vertebrates in California. Thirteen field investigators spent the better part of June housed at the Audubon House on the Kern River Preserve's Sprague Ranch addition while conducting field work throughout the Kern River Valley.

Staff at the Kern River Preserve will host more field crews as additional surveys will be conducted through September of this year and then again next spring as part of what are described by Grinnell as the Whitney transects. This is the first of a multi-year project to resurvey the route that Grinnell, Storer, Carr, and Taylor traversed through this area from 1911 to 1914. Surveys conducted in other areas of California over the last few years by other teams from UC Berkeley have already yielded significant findings on the effects of global climate change and other habitat changes on many species. Find published results of the Lassen, Yosemite, White Mountains, Warner Mountains, and San Jacinto Mountains on the Grinnell Resurvey Project website:


Grinnell Team Field Notes

Joseph Grinnell

Tracy Storer

Walter Taylor

H. A. Carr

Carla Cicero, Curator of Birds at UC Berkeley's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology enjoys visiting with the Kern River Preserve's own Southern Pacific Pond Turtle research team and one of their charges.

A total of thirteen field researchers spent much of June surveying the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra Nevada. From left to right: Zach Hanna, Jessie Castillo, Allison Schultz, Carla Cicero, Katharine Lovett, Karen Rowe. Absent from photo: Monica Albe, Teresa Feo, Nadje Najar, Paul Newsam, Carol Spencer,  Morgan Tingley, and Kellie Whittacker.

Allison Schultz, a member of the team visits with one of the South Fork Kern River's Pacific pond turtles.


Zach Hanna, also a member of the team checks out one of the South Fork Kern River's Pacific pond turtles.

Bill Foster, turtle team leader, explains how to tell the difference between male and female Pacific pond turtles to Carla Cicero while Darrell Barnes looks on.

Monica Albe searches for reptiles in some of their favorite hiding places.

Tom Studley was an ace at noosing lizards, here he gives a side-blotched lizard to Kellie Whittaker for data collection.

The Herpetology team spent three days  in the blazing sun and dark of night searching for reptiles and amphibians to compare with Grinnell's specimens collected 100 years ago. From left to right: Carla Cicero, Kellie Whittacker, Monica Albe, Carol Spencer.

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