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Allen Sanctuary

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TNC transfers KRP to Audubon

Audubon established the 291-acre Allen Wildlife Sanctuary on December 21, 2001.  The Carl Allen estate owns the Allen South Fork Wildlife Sanctuary on which Audubon manages a 201.5-acre conservation easement. This small landlocked piece is at the mouth of the South Fork Kern River Canyon. In total the 492.5-acre sanctuary protects the head of the South Fork Valley.

The rugged canyon dashes out of the Domeland Wilderness onto the relatively flat plain of the South Fork Valley. The river here flows all year as is evident by the growth of white alder. Along the river a small riparian forest grows, but as this sanctuary is quite rocky the forest quickly gives way to rabbitbrush scrub, grassland, interior chaparral, and gray pine woodland.

Neighbors to the sanctuary include Sequoia National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, Canebrake Ecological Reserve, and White Blanket Allotment - Tubatulabal Indians.  

The sanctuary is small yet has a significant flora with at least 210 species of flowering plants and 11 species of mosses and liverworts.

Flora of Audubon's Allen Sanctuary

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