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Invasive Species Information

KRP Programs are entirely funded by your generous donationsYour ongoing contributions to Audubon Kern River Preserve play a vital role in helping us carry out projects such as land acquisition, research, habitat restoration, management partnerships, environmentally sustainable economic development, community outreach, and education.

AG00059_.gif (12001 bytes)SY00961A.gif (1358 bytes)VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

  • Mow the lawns

  • Rake Leaves

  • Fill gopher holes in the lawn

  • Pick up Trash around the South Fork Valley

  • Plant Trees

  • Plant Shrubs and Perennials

  • Maintain the Hummingbird Garden

  • Feed the Birds

  • Clean the Visitors' Center

  • Build New Displays

  • Record Bird Sightings

  • Help Staff the Information Booth at Festivals

  • Help Prepare the Grounds Before Festivals

  • Help with Set-up at Festivals

  • Maintain the Nature Trails

    • rake leaves

    • prune limbs

    • repair the boardwalk

    • remove downed trees

    • mow the trails

    • weed the trails

    • grade the trails

  • Maintain and Build Fences

  • Repair Buildings

  • Upgrade Electrical Systems

  • Re-roof the Sprague Building

  • Paint Buildings

  • Maintain Equipment

Can't do any of the above. WELL, we can always use that magical green paper to pay bills, fund restoration projects, fund research, continue outreach, and acquire land.


If you have any of the following items on our "Wish List" or would like to make a tax-deductible donation of any kind to the Kern River Preserve, contact Reed at the Preserve by calling (760) 378-2531 or by E-mail

  • Desperate NEED New Tractor - Medium Farm Tractor, Category III 3-point hitch

  • Flatbed Trailer suitable for hauling a tractor or automobile

  • New Economy 4x4 pick-up

  • New Hybrid Multi-passenger 4x4 vehicle  - for carrying visitors and commuting to events and leading special trips

  • Benches sturdy along nature trail

For more information on the Kern River Preserve contact:

Contact Us:

Reed Tollefson, Preserve Manager

Audubon Kern River Preserve

PO Box 1662

Weldon, CA 93283 

Phone: 1 (760) 378-2531 


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