NOTE: There is no collecting, fishing, or hunting on the preserve. If you see any animal or plant on the preserve, please take only pictures and memories. Do not disturb nesting birds. Do not go off trail.

Smack, slap, oh what was that? The variety of insects on the Kern River Preserve is astounding. With all of the habitats and water, bugs can be found all around. This is a very good thing for all of the other wildlife that fuel up on their migration or feed hungry chicks, or just enjoy chowing down on a protein rich grasshopper. While this section of the site has a long way to go to be developed... one has to start somewhere so here we go.

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods

Class Arachnida - Arachnids - Spiders, Ticks, Scorpions
Class Insecta - Insects - Mayflies, Dragonflies, Grasshoppers, Walkingsticks, Earwigs, Stoneflies, Termites, Mantids, Cockroaches, Cicadas, Aphids, True Bugs, Thrips, Lice, Beetles, Lacewings, Bees, Ants, Moths, Butterflies, Fleas, Scorpionflies, Flies

Class Diplura - Two-pronged Bristletails
Class Protura - Coneheads
Class Collembola - Springtails and allies

Subphylum Myriapoda - Myriapods

Class Chilopoda - Centipedes
Class Diplopoda - Millipedes

Subphylum Crustacea - Crustaceans

Class Branchiopoda - fairy shrimp
Class Malacostraca - crabs, lobsters and shrimp


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