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Recap Kern Valley Pride Day
Saturday, September 20, 2003

Friends of the Kern River Preserve participated in Kern Valley Pride Day on September 20, 2003. This worthy community effort is held each year to help to clean up the Kern River Valley.  Our efforts hauled 329 bags of trash out of the Kern Valley. An amazing feat when you consider 3 of our volunteers had surgery in the past few weeks. The KRP Supporters earned a $250 cash award for a fantastic morning of work. Our thanks to you all!

We look forward to doing this on an annual basis. We meet at KRP HQ, 8:00 am. Volunteers bring their own gloves, hat, work clothes and canteen. We supply additional drinks, trash bags and a truck and trailer to haul our trash. After we collect our trash, a free BBQ celebration is held at French Gulch Campground at noon.

Our focus area is around Hwy 178 and Sierra Way Hwy in and around the preserve and the South Fork Wildlife Area.
In the last few years the Friends of the Kern River Preserve have always brought in a respectable amount of trash in 2001 we earned second place and donated our $100.00 award to a relief fund for the September 11th Disaster.

Thanks to all of our Friends who have helped us to show our pride in the Kern River Valley and to keep our land clean.
Join us again next year on September 18, 2004 and show the valley what environmentalists' really feel about trash.

PHOTOS: Friends of the Kern River Preserve show their pride at KRV Pride Day. A win for the 25 volunteers of the Friends of the Kern River Preserve was a big win for the environment.

From left to right: Lydon & Esteban Olivares, Bob Barnes, Richard Rudnick, Katie Olivares, Erin & Dan Portway, Emily Cohen, Bob McAloney, Birdie Foster, Phil Heavin, Bill Foster, Sandra Wieser, Laurie Robinson, Dave Kurdeka, Valerie Cassity, Ron Gillentine and Tony Cassity. Missing from photo: Ron Hyatt, Jeff King, Alison Sheehey, and Anne & Adolphe Tetsekoua. Special Thanks to Terri Gallion and Reed Tollefson for their excellent efforts at pre-planning.

Bill & Birdie Foster and Richard Rudnick stand next to the 138 tires they hauled off of public land in the Kern River Valley. What a massive task and a great accomplishment.

Bob McAloney breathes a sigh of relief as their van is unloaded of the tires, propane tanks, and various disgusting garbage strewn about the valley by the unscrupulous.

Ron Gillentine looks over his haul

A forest service firefighter unloads Ron and Bob's van.

Bill & Birdie Foster wait in an ever increasing line of vehicles waiting to dump their load.

Just waiting.

Environmentalist's rock when it comes to cleaning up other's thoughtless leftovers.

Bill & Birdie along with Richard Rudnick were responsible for bringing in a whole lot of trash.

Yes, Birdie you can rest now!

Bill Foster, Birdie Foster and Richard Rudnick stand in front of the dumpster that they almost filled by themselves.

Bob Jameson starts reading off the names of the other participants. It will be a while before they announce the winner.

In the meantime, Valerie Cassity and Laurie Robinson enjoy the "free lunch" provided for their participation.

Some of the Friends of the Kern River Preserve enjoying the end of lunch.

Bill Foster, Dave Kurdeka, Birdie Foster, Sandra Wieser, Dan Portway, Ron Gillentine

Sandra, Ron, Richard and Bob enjoy waiting for the results, hee, hee, hee. Ya think we won?

Notice Phil in the background pitching into the recycling container.

Tony Cassity stole away and got a shower, so he enjoys a late lunch.

The gang start lining up for the obligatory picture.

Dan, Erin, Birdie, Bill, Ron, Bob, Dave and Phil.

Hail, hail, the gang's almost all here!

Dan, Erin, Birdie, Bill, Ron, Bob, Katie, Sandra, Dave, Emily, Valerie, Richard, Laurie, Tony, Phil, Laydon, Esteban, and Bob.

Try again...

Dan, Alison, Erin, Birdie, Bill, Ron, Bob, Katie, Sandra, Dave, Emily, Valerie, Richard, Laurie, Tony, Phil, Laydon and Esteban.

Hey, everyone look this way... oops, I can't get back far enough.

Dan, Erin, Birdie, Bill, Ron, Bob, Katie, Sandra, Dave, Emily, Valerie, Richard, Laurie, Tony, Phil, Laydon and Esteban.

Well, have to take two shots to get everyone in, boy what would happen if Jeff, Ann, Adolphe, Terri, Reed, and Ron had shown up?

Erin, Dan, Bill, Birdie, Katie, Ron, Bob, Emily, Dave, Sandra, Richard, Phil, Laurie, Valerie, Laydon, and just a sliver of Esteban, and Tony.

Birdie asks "alright already, announce the winner!" ;-)

Sandra, Bill and Birdie in anxious anticipation.

The Oliveras Family

Esteban, Lydon, and Katie.

The tension is mounting

Esteban, Lydon, Katie, Emily and Phil

Have they announced the winner yet?

Phil, Sandra, Bill, Birdie, Richard

and the winner is...


Sandra's smile tells it all!

Sandra gladly accepts the certificate and the cash award for the Friends of the Kern River Preserve.

After years of working our butts off... we finally show the valley who the champions of the environment are!!!

The Friends of the Kern River Preserve take pride in our beautiful valley.

We hope that the next year will bring out the pride in all and the valley will continue to be the least despoiled and polluted region of the county.

Image courtesy Alison Sheehey Nature Ali

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