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December 10, 2011                                                                                                              

Monofilament Harming Wildlife in the Kern Valley

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Monofilament fishing line is an amazingly strong substance that gets snagged on many things in the environment. Little thought is given to snapping the line when it invariably gets tangled; other than “darn that was my favorite lure”.

Just look around trees and shrubs next to favorite fishing holes and see how much fishing line is strewn on the ground and snagged in the vegetation.

To protect wildlife and the environment, always take all line with you when you leave. Discarded line can snag and harm people and wildlife and kill fish, turtles, frogs, birds and small mammals.

An uncommon winter visitor to Kern County, this Red-breasted Merganser is missing half of his upper bill.

Why clean up Monofilament?

  • Monofilament trash is ugly

  • It is not biodegradable

  • It injures wildlife

  • It gets wrapped around bird beaks and feet and caused amputation and even death

  • It gets caught in propellers and damages boat motors

  • It has injured many kayakers and rafters on the Kern River


Leave the area cleaner than when you arrived

Monofilament kills wildlife indiscriminately. Both common and protected species of birds have been observed locally with fishing line tangled around their legs, wings and beaks. It only takes one line snagged in a tree to entangle and kill.

Audubon California staff frequently pick up and dispose of monofilament along the shore of the Kern River and Isabella Reservoir. It only takes one careless person to trash a place; then again it only takes one caring individual to clean it up. Do your part, knowing that your efforts are appreciated.

Tangled Black-crowned Night-Heron that cut its leg breaking free from the chain link. The monofilament remained on its leg.


California Gull with its foot amputated.

Simple rules for helping to keep wildlife safe

Here are few simple rules to keep fishing safe:
• Use monofilament recycling bins and help to keep them clean.
• Pick up monofilament and trash wherever you fish.
• When you visit other areas – share what you know about the dangers of monofilament for wildlife.
• Make sure the weight of your line is appropriate for the fish; a number of factors go into determining the right line and pound-test to use.
• Get tips from experienced anglers.

This female Belted Kingfisher died as a result of a simple snagged line in a tree over a lake. The male was observed for several days trying to get his mate to wake up.

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