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Photo Albums

Staff & Guests of the Kern River Preserve


Father Daniel Barica - Photos - 3 May 2010

Bo Criss - Photos - 6 June 2009

Sandra Wieser - Photos

Kern River Preserve headquarters - Winter

Kern River Preserve Sprague Ranch - Winter

Kern River Preserve landscapes - Winter

December 7, 2009 Snow Day Photos

Many photographers visit the Audubon Kern River Preserve and some share their experiences through prose and photos. We proudly share their stories.

Look to this page for some of our favorite staff photos. Most employees of the Kern River Preserve are excellent photographers as well.

We also have events, workdays and hikes and hope to share the joy of those days through our photo pages.

Lastly, we will share some amazing before and after photos of what the lands looked like before Audubon protected them.

About Audubon Kern River Preserve

The Kern River Preserve is managed by Audubon California for the preservation of one of California’s largest contiguous cottonwood-willow riparian forests and the wildlife it supports.

Audubon Kern River Preserve supporters provide financial and volunteer support for Preserve outreach, education, wildlife habitat protection & stewardship.


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