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Recap Kern Valley Pride Day
Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oops we did it again... the Friends of the Kern River Preserve came in first place on Kern Valley Pride Day, September 16, 2006, by collecting the most trash in the Kern River Valley. One of the benefits of living in the remoter sections of the valley is the beautiful scenery and open spaces but along with the beauty comes the ever present problem of lazy people dumping trash in our area. We look forward to the day when we come in last because no one trashed our area that year.

This worthy community effort is held each year to help to clean up the Kern River Valley.  Our efforts hauled 181 bags of trash out of the South Fork Kern Valley. The KRP Supporters earned a $250 cash award for a fantastic morning of work. Our thanks to you all!

We look forward to doing this on an annual basis. We meet at KRP HQ, 7:30 am. Volunteers bring their own gloves, hat, work clothes and canteen. We supply additional drinks, trash bags and a truck and trailer to haul our trash. After we collect our trash, a free BBQ celebration is held at French Gulch Campground at noon.

Our focus area is around Hwy 178 and Sierra Way Hwy in and around the preserve and the South Fork Wildlife Area.
In the last few years the Friends of the Kern River Preserve have always brought in a respectable amount of trash in 2001 we earned second place and donated our $100.00 award to a relief fund for the September 11th Disaster.

Thanks to all of our Friends who have helped us to show our pride in the Kern River Valley and to keep our land clean.
Join us again next year on September 15, 2007 and show the valley how environmentalists' really care about the environment for people and wildlife.

Thanks to Birdie & Bill Foster, Mary Freeland, Chris & Gordon Hancock, Marya Miller & Darrell Barnes, Sandra Wieser, Jeff King, Reed Tollefson, Ron Hyatt, Bob Showers, Alison Sheehey, and Marcella Freerks.

Images courtesy Alison Sheehey Nature Ali

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