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South Fork Kern River

  • A Globally Important Bird Area

  • California Riparian Habitat Flagship Project


Alison Sheehey


Mary Whitfield

Research is a critical component of the Kern River Preserve. Since its inception, the preserve has hosted researchers from all over the globe.

Reed Tollefson is an expert in restoration ecology.

Bob Barnes has been researching the economic impacts of tourism and development.

Emily Cohen began a study of Goldfinches in 2004.

Ken Davenport has been studying the butterflies of the Kern River watershed.

Terri Gallion continues her study of Turkey Vulture migration, Summer Tanagers, dragonflies, and the vocalizations of California birds.

Murrelet Halterman has her doctorate in the study of the Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo.

Donald Mitchell of University of Minnesota has been studying the phenomenon of hummingbird migration.

Kelly Richers has been cataloguing the moths of the Kern River Watershed.

Alison Sheehey has been systematically photographing and cataloguing the natural history of Kern County.

Mary Whitfield, through the Southern Sierra Research Station has worked tirelessly studying the habits and habitat for the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher.

Each spring and summer a MAPS banding station is operated on the preserve.

Some winters a MAWS banding station is operated on the preserve.

Many other research projects are conducted throughout the year by many scientists.

And of course the longest running citizen science research project, the annual Kern Valley Christmas Bird Counts.

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Alison Sheehey

Alison Sheehey

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