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18th Annual Kern River Valley


Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Festival Headquarters: Audubon-California's Kern River Preserve, Weldon, Kern County, California

The Kern River Valley Autumn Nature & Vulture Festival is an annual celebration of the fall migration of Turkey Vultures and the beginning of the fall season in the South Fork Kern River forest.

Vultures begin to gather in large flocks in August and start heading south in earnest by September, with their numbers reaching a crescendo at the end of September. By the end of September the colors of the valley begin their change from green to yellow with the bloom of the rabbitbrush. Many migrating birds and butterflies begin their southward voyage in advance of the approaching winter.

From 1994-2006 from the beginning of September through the third week in October, an average of 25,000 have been counted flying over a single point in the South Fork Valley. The vulture count included only the birds that pass over this single observation point, five miles south of Audubon's Kern River Preserve. Many other vultures have been casually observed leaving via other routes in the Kern Valley and were not included in the census (speculation on fluctuations of numbers each year leads us to believe while the Kelso Valley is the preferred migration route, some years it is not optimum and not used as much). This Pacific Flyway vulture migration is one of the five largest known in North America.

ACTIVITIES  - Our late September festival date also corresponds with what is historically one of the finest weekends for observing fall land bird migration in California. In addition to the presence of many western migrants attractive to eastern birders, there are excellent chances for observing eastern rarities at nearby desert oases. Free Music, Booths, Exhibits at the Kern River Preserve as well as nature walks and nature related workshops.

It is with pleasure and anticipation that we cordially invite you to our annual festival. Join us in celebrating the phenomenon of Turkey Vulture migration and the other natural wonders of fall in the Kern River Valley!

2011 Fall Festival Highlights

Visit the Kern River Preserve in Weldon, California. Open every day of the year from dawn to dusk.

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